The solidary face of logistics have a name: Lamaignere Foundation.

Lamaignere wants to show society the most solidary side of logistics and can take advantage of the knowledge, experience and skills of this sector so that we can all live together in a better world. Lamaignere Foundation is launched with this starting point.

What actions define the Mission of the Lamaignere Foundation?

  • Formation activities. Offering training and knowledge to understand everything that makes up the logistics world and other technical branches of the sector.
  • International scholarship program. We will give the opportunity to young people who want to develop their professional career within the logistics sector with an internship program.
  • Social works. The third pillar of the Lamaignere Foundation. Helping those groups that need it most.

Some outstanding actions of the Foundation carried out in December

It should be noted that the actions undertaken by the Foundation have been focused on social works. In the nearest future, the other two pillars will be covered.
  • Successful flamenco solidary zambomba. Held in Seville at the beginning of December and with numerous artists.
  • Collaboration of all Lamaignere offices in collecting food and toys. For the benefit of Cáritas Los Remedios, a collection was made from all the offices in Spain and the final replenishment, in our warehouse of the ZAL. An action that aims to help the most disadvantaged families during this Christmas.
In this link you can see images of these two fantastic actions.
Finally, we encourage you to visit their website: where you can find details of all the actions that have already been done in recent weeks, a photo gallery and even if you are interested in donating, how to do it.


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