Lamaignere is part of UNEF Fotovoltaica as a new partner

That the photovoltaic solar industry is part of one of our dedicated sectors and where we have a high degree of specialization and experience is a fact. Not only for the consolidation of important projects in South America such as Villanueva or Bolero West, but also for the years that we have been accumulating in the handling and management of shipments of materials related to that sector.
To take a step forward and be able to be a "defender" more of the interests of this industry Lamaignere from this month of January 2019 is part of UNEF Photovoltaic as a partner. This will allow us to be able to give a greater diffusion and knowledge to the rest of the members of this union and to be able to provide logistic and transport support in photovoltaic material.

What is the mission of UNEF?

UNEF represents and defends the interests of the photovoltaic sector vis-à-vis national Institutions, Operators and companies in the electricity sector, Associations and social agents, European Institutions and Social Agents.
From UNEF has also announced our incorporation as a new partner through its website
The statement was published on January 18, 2019.
Lamaignere hopes in the next months to be able to share with you all new projects of the photovoltaic sector and to be able to contribute to the development of business in several countries.


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